Article #2. It’s lovely to meet you, Darling!

Hey there! Article #2 is my way of introducing myself, and hopefully getting acquainted with you (if you’ll leave a reply with your name and anything else you’d like to share)!

I’m Stephanie, and this is my second time running a blog.  Years ago, I began writing online… with topics few and far-between, ranging from profound journal-depth entries to my sometimes odd & controversial perspectives on life.  My natural tendency is to compose deep ideas, but since I’m writing the book which seems to be the outlet of all my depths, I’m here this time around to just BE.  To pursue my interests and invite others along in whatever I discover!

I’m married to Austin, and we celebrated our first anniversary in September!  Austin is the dream man I never saw coming, whom I love more than life.  He is both a softy and a warrior, and seems to know exactly when his world needs which role.  He is an entrepreneur who has the uncanny ability to bring people together and create a culture everyone wants a piece of.  He sings, and fluently plays guitar and piano (swoon).  Austin is probably the most courageous and intentional person I’ve ever met.  He’s made me the luckiest lady in the world.

I currently work at a local second-hand retailer called Thrifted Threads.  Two beautiful mamas founded the store, and I admire their courage & strength in creating a sound business on top of everything they do at home and for their families.  In the summer, I’m also a peach saleswoman for the thriving, fun, and charming Sweet Peach Company!

I was born in LA, but grew my deepest roots in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.  I also spent my high school years living abroad in China (near Shanghai) and graduated from international school there.

A few of my abundant interests include…

WRITING.  (Of course.)  Short stories, articles, the extremely occasional poem, the lengthy essay I intend to one day publish as a book, and now blogging!

COOKING.  I enjoy trying out new ingredients, spices, methods, and combinations.  But when I’m uninspired, I always seem to default to Mexican dishes (sorry, Austin!).

JOURNALING.  I’m an avid journaler… I once journaled “so hard” that I threw my neck out for nearly two weeks. (Note to self: beware of how long you sit in awkward positions on your bed to write.)

I also adore a good coffee & pastry with friends, shopping, makeup, holding babies, chocolate, most forms of creativity, and travel.

It’s so great to meet you!


Please send a reply to help me get to know YOU.  It would make my day if every subscriber & guest would write to say hello


[Photos courtesy of LYNDSI Photography]

4 thoughts on “Article #2. It’s lovely to meet you, Darling!

  1. rebeccahenry says:

    Hey Steph!
    I’m excited to follow your blog and see where we go! Sometimes of late I feel myself not really knowing how to be…like I’ve lost my interests and skills and have become detached from them instead of fully incorporating them into my life as I should. So, it seems for me your blog will be a timely tool.
    Interests include wellness and natural medicine, and learning about trauma and how to heal it, and horseback riding.


    1. artfullybeing says:

      I love this! Thanks for replying, Rebecca. I wonder if each season brings out different parts of ourselves… which is not always a bad thing. I’m happy you’re looking forward to following as I explore my interests here too!


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