Article #11. Home Spa

CANCUN, Mexico – September 2017.  Austin and I embarked on our honeymoon to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean, and my did we live it up.  A highlight was definitely our visit to the luxury spa for a couple’s massage.

FIRST, they bring you into a gorgeous locker room where you slip into a swimsuit and robe.  Here, you’re invited to use the sauna, steam room, and showers at your leisure, plus anything from a counter filled with cosmetic amenities.  THEN you’re escorted out to the hydro stations: a series of water baths & treatments within a secluded garden to optimally prepare your body for whatever you selected from the spa menu.  NEXT, we were led to a relaxation room where we reclined in lounge chairs sipping cucumber-infused water.  And all of this while relaxing, ambient music gently swells and chimes all around you.  Before you know it, you’re experiencing the best massage of your life… perfect for unwinding all the pre-wedding stress.

Because my husband knows how to make his girl feel special on her birthday, we had a similarly world-class experience at a spa in Skaneateles, NY.  There we sipped mimosas while soaking in a garden-waterfall jacuzzi, sat robed on floor cushions amidst flickering candles… our feet dipped in an indoor river, and emerged from our massages feeling more pampered than ever.


So one afternoon at the end of a particularly stressful week, I was inspired to recreate the ambiance of a luxury spa in our tiny apartment.  It turned out to be an absolutely unforgettable date night for a fraction of the cost!  And Austin was completely surprised.

  • I displayed a Youtube video featuring three hours of spa music and imagery on the TV.  You can’t skip this step… the sounds are EVERYTHING.
  • I transformed our bathroom into a hydro station by filling the tub with warm water & fresh flower petals, lighting candles, displaying my best fluffy towels, and making a foot scrub
  • Someone gave us a set of plush monogrammed bath robes as a wedding present, so I set those out for us to relax in as we sipped champagne with our feet in the tub
  • After picking some fresh mint leaves from my garden, I sliced up some cucumbers and made some cool infused water
  • In the bedroom, I strongly diffused fresh & relaxing essential oils and created a massage bed (using towels and an airplane neck pillow!)   I find coconut or sweet almond oil work best for making massages silky and luxurious
  • I tried to incorporate random decorative elements around my home to create a clean, natural, and oriental impression: smooth stones, my fake orchid from Aldi, and some potted ferns I’m somehow keeping alive

At first I started to feel silly about my idea.  Was I sure this wasn’t a little overboard?  Did this seem too much like “pretending” to take seriously and enjoy together?  But my insecurity instantly vaporized as soon as Austin and I were sipping champagne in our robes, feet soaking in the tub.  We had the best time enjoying something together – away from our phones and other screens – totally relaxed & unplugged.

I admit that this date initially took a bit of setting up, but it turned out to be exactly what Austin and I both needed to relax and finally connect again.  So go ahead and steal this date idea!

This also makes a PERFECT ladies’ night.  Adapt this version to become a girls’ night in… adding manis and pedis to the spa menu.  Include facials with gentle scrubs and mud masks.  Don’t forget the bubbly & classy snacks!

…Now I’m inspired to plan a ladies’ night.

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